Fitness: Have You Heard About Fit Girl's Guide?!

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Guess who's back and kicking this summer off with a fitness post...If you guessed me, you're one smart cookie. Lately I've been on a mission to get healthy. What usually happens is that I start a program and then work extremely hard for the first week or so and then, it happens...I just fizzle out and I start doing less and less. You know why? It's because no one is watching me, no one is holding me accountable.

Knowing that about myself I went on the hunt for a program that would get me in shape and better overall health as well as give me a support group to lean on, gain motivation from and just plain vent to. I found that program in Fit Girls Guide.

Fit Girls Guide's tagline is "The Girly-Girls' Guide to Getting Fit", and for anyone who knows me you know that I am the ultimate girly girl so this was right up my alley. They have 2 programs, one for beginners called the 28 Day Jump Start and one for the more advanced called the Fitkini Body Challenge. Aside from the program guides they also have a cookbook full of yummy recipes that are also healthy...go figure!

So, to kick off my fitness journey I ordered the 28 Day Jumpstart. The program cost me $24.99 and was an automatic download so I could get started right away. The e-book is fantastic. It goes from getting your mind right, to rewarding yourself. From workout plans to meal plans that cover vegans and vegetarians as well as folks like me who eat almost everything.

As I started my journey I created an Instagram account specifically for this challenge and let me tell you, it was the best thing I ever did. There are so many fit girls out there who have the same goals and aspirations that I do when it comes to being fit and healthy. It's been really great to have ladies that I can talk to daily about the journey and to know that they completely understand what I'm going through.

So, after completing my first 28 Day Jumpstart i am thrilled with my results! I am down 6 lbs. and I can see the change in my before and after photos.

I am definitely doing a second round and for those of you interested, round two begins on July 6th. In the meantime we have this short program called the Fit Girls Intersession. The ladies over at Fit Girls Guide understand that some of us need structure between challenges so they gave us some. Yay to not back tracking!! I will tell you all about that in the next post.

Until next time, stay fit, fun and fabulous!