Family: Should the Kiddos Do Chores?

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When I was growing up my mom used to have a chore chart posted on the fridge for all to see. My brother, my sister and I would come home from school every day and check the chore chart before running off to relax or play. That's just what we were taught to do. There would be no fun until the chores were done. Back then the chore chart was just a piece of paper with our names, the date and the chore written on it...nothing fancy.

I feel that chores give children a sense of responsibility and allows them to contribute to their household from an early age. Having chores lends a hand in teaching them to appreciate and respect the things that they have. There are some great resources out there that help to guide you on what chores are appropriate for which age groups. A few that I like can be found on, and Pinterest is always a great resource for guidelines as well as rewards systems and ways to make chores fun for all ages.

What are your thoughts on children having responsibility around the home and having assigned chores?