Family: Mother's Day Was a Blur!

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Mother's Day is one of those days where to celebrate, most moms ask for time away from doing what the celebration is for...being a mom. We ask to go to the spa and take a little trip and have some quiet time. 

Mother's Day to a lot of us is essentially a day to rest and take a little break from being super mom. To have our children and husband wait on us for a day and show us how much they appreciate all of the things we do with our Mom super powers every day.

This Mother's Day was one of the best ones, yet and I didn't get time alone. 

 I spent my day being spoiled and nurtured by my fabulous children and loving husband. 

I even shared the limelight with my mother-in-law. I didn't mind, she's a great lady.

My day did get interrupted though. As we were leaving brunch my hubby got stopped by a photographer and asked to participate in a photoshoot! It was very cool to see someone else appreciate the style that my husband has. :)

Until next time...